Friday, August 26, 2011


 Roll tide!  Last morning of orientation.
Football captains' hand print, cleat print, and name.

Gorgas library.

One of my classmates tattoos.  It's the library call number for human.  Genius.

 New back to school bag from my loverly friend Jenn.
Finally got around (aka Kyle so kindly got around) to hanging out my race bib and medal display.

Desk area set up for classes.

Kyle sported his new University of Alabama shirt on my first day back to school!

August 20th-26th, 2011

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  1. Can you please tell me the brand of that bag, so I can buy it asap?! I promise I will never use it if we are together so you can use yours instead (you know - to avoid the whole awkward same bag situation). Please? Thank you very much!